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CD and DVD Design Services from
Service Features

We can create your CD & DVD artwork
Request a print disc sample
Our professional designers can creat the artwork for your disc. Benefit from a low cost service that will provide you with a high quality finished products without the stress and production problems associated with preparing your artwork in-house.

Price starts from
Price per hour exc VAT
Call 0208 293 0777

Fast & Professionnal
At we can fully proof your job prior to production. In fact we offer a low cost proofing service even if you dont need a full production run. Perfect for checking the look and feel of your future CD or DVD product prior to production.

Request your sample
Call 0208 293 0777

Simple, Fast & Efficient

We can create your E-card artwork
We can create your Inlay artwork
We can also design your business cards ! Trendy and modern, CD business-cards can help you to promote your company. Ask for a quote today.

Price starts from
Price per hour exc VAT
Call 0208 293 0777

Fast & Professionnal
We can design good quality artwork for all your paper part requirements. Take the advange of having your discs and covers professionally designed and printed in one fast and easy process.

Price starts from
Price per hour exc VAT
Call 0208 293 0777

Fast & Professionnal

Print your CD & DVD covers
Download free artwork templates
At we try and make everything as easy as possible for our customers. We offer a full design and print service for your disc and ALL the paper parts including booklets, covers and inserts. We require your artwork in high resolution PDF with minimum 3mm bleed all around and crop marks. Low resolution artwork and wrong size artwork will automatically be sent back to the customer. If any changes have to be made by us on your design, you will be charged at the design rate of £50 an hour for that job. Minimum charge £50

Once you have confirmation that your design is suitable for printing, expect at a minimum of 3-4 working days for processing.

It is recommended that we supply you with a printed paper sample if you want to be sure of the results. A calibrated colour proof is a reliable solution which involves a long process to calibrate the printer. The cost of calibrated proof is £15.

If you are not sure of your design, refer to the Artwork Templates paragraph and feel free to download the template of your choice.

If you donít know how to set up your artwork, download the template you need, whether in PSD or JPEG.

If you are unsure that you have done everything correctly, whether for the CD on-body design or any of the paper parts (booklets, inserts etc), send us a Photoshop file or a PDF with all the layers intact; we can then tweak it easily if needs be (if the artwork is flattened into a JPEG, TIFF, PDF etc, it makes it very difficult for us to alter anything).

Stretch your design to the edge of canvas to bleed over the coloured area. Do not cut a hole in the middle of your CD design, or put any circles in to indicate the edge or hub of the CD.

If you want an artwork printed 2 sides or CD or DVD booklet, download several times the template you need, design your artwork and send us as many documents as you need to print.

Make sure you turn off the mask and any guides that are present if you are flattening the image to a TIFF, JPEG etc.

We can help you with your artwork
CD-writer Services Facilities
printed cd sample
The CD-writer team have a wide variety of satisfied customers, many who have subscribed to our design and proofing services prior to production. We can help with a full range of packaging such as : standard CD or DVD cases inlay, slim DVD cases inlay, 10 Disc DVD cases inlay, Music CD booklet and so on...

Design your artwork

You will find on this page all the informations you need to set up your artwork properly. If you still need help, please send an email to our design team.
You want to produce your own discs? As CD & DVD duplication professionals, can advise you regarding the best duplicator and printer suitable for your needs. Our team would be pleased to show you how some of these machines work in our demonstration room. To get an idea, go to, see where we work and what we do with some examples of our customer previous products.

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