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Service Features

Mastering your disc
Proofs requirement
Mastering your disc
The mastering of a disc is the customer responsability. We will NOT be responsable for the quality of data. The customer as to be sure it be properly mastered before going ahead with duplication or replication. All disc which will have been copied with a wrong master disc would be due.

The customer has to be sure as well to have all the rights to duplicate the data (music, images). For more information about the MCPS - licence agreement, please refer to
Mastering your disc
We strongly recommend you send us a print proof, as colours on a monitor are often very different from CMYK print colours. Please note that if you decide not to send us a proof, we will NOT accept responsibility for any mismatch from your print expectations.

We can send you by post a sample disc proof or paper part proof. Any proof process will be charge £15 per unit. Please note that this confirmation process will slow the general turn around of the production.

Shipping charges
Mastering your disc
The payment has to be done in advance of shipping or at the collection of your discs.

You can pay by any of the following methods:
- Cash
- Credit/Debit Card
- Bank Transfer (details given on request)
- Cheque (made payable to " Ldt").

If you wish to pay by cheque, count 5 working day for bank checking and approval before shipping or collection.

If your are ordering printed discs from abroard, please note that you will have to pay by money transfer and we charge £10 for administrative fees.
Mastering your disc
Delivery charges vary depending on weight, number of boxes and post code/destination country.

The table below gives you some average prices regarding the shipping in mainland UK only.

  Packaging 100 200 300 400 500
  Bulk £6
Weight 1.5kg
Weight 3kg
Weight 4.5kg
Weight 6kg
Weight 7.5kg
  Wallets £6
Weight 2kg
Weight 4kg
Weight 6kg
Weight 8kg
Weight 10kg
  Cases £6
Weight 11kg
Weight 22kg
Weight 33kg
Weight 44kg
Weight 55kg

Terms & Conditions
Submit your Order
Mastering your disc
Processing to an order means that you agree with the conditions above.

Important : You have to be on right with the copyright issues. Make sure you contact the MCPS well before you order the replication of audio material. By law, we cannot deliver the products to you unless you either have:
A) Permission from the MCPS saying that you have been granted an AP2 license to reproduce the music, or
B) A statement of "no claim" if the music is your own. This process can take a couple of weeks, so allow enough time in your schedule. You will need to do this whether you choose to use us or another company.

For more information about the MCPS - licence agreement, please refer to
Mastering your disc
To submit your order, please email us for a quote confirmation, then send all materials for duplication (master disc + artwork + paper proof) at :

CD-writer. com Ltd
Unit 15,
Greenwich Centre Business Park
53 Norman Road
London SE10 9QF

If you need help, please email us or call us on 023 371 7391 or 0208 293 0777.


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